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Dreaming of seeing an aviator’s life inflight? We can make your dream come true! 
Every year in November our Xfly Job Shadowing Day takes place. Two lucky candidates are invited onboard of one of our flights. This is when we warmly welcome passionate aviation enthusiasts to come and fly with our experienced pilots and observe their work. Job shadowing allows you to gain insight into the roles and responsibilities of pilots – more specifically Captains and First Officers. You get to ask questions and see the world from a cockpit for real. Job shadowing at Xfly was introduced to encourage those passionate about aviation to pursue their dreams.

All you need to do is fill in the application form and wait for our Marketing, Communications and Sustainability Department to get in touch with you two weeks before the “Big Day” at the latest.  We admit two candidates per year, the enrollment process is open to filing in applications all year around. The deadline for applications is October 15th 2023.

Out of all applicants we will pick two. Job shadowing is popular – we receive the most touching and lovely motivation letters from young talents of different backgrounds every year. Feel free to describe your passion, the how you became an aviation enthusiast in your motivation letter, ask adults to coach you on your journey. Our team will read through the motivation letters received, paying attention to the motivation and self-expression. The results will be communicated to the applicants.

Please note that our job shadowing position does not offer any type of payment, neither will it cause additional costs to the applicant. Also, the flight to be attended will be chosen ad hoc each year.

Learn about the experience of Kristjan (13) and Anna-Maria (16), shadowing our crew Tallinn-Stockholm-Tallinn flight in November 2022: Xfly Job Shadowing Day with Kristjan and Anna-Maria – see you in the cockpit . The next one might be you!

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