By Veronika Gorbatenko on 2024-05-09

Nordic Aviation Group welcomes Kadri Land as the new Chairwoman

In April 2024, Climate Minister Kristen Michal appointed Kadri Land as Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of the state-owned Nordic Aviation Group for the next three years.

The mandate of the former chairman of the supervisory board, David O`Brock, expired and Michal appointed Kadri Land, who previously served on the board of Tallink Group, to replace him.

Kadri Land, who holds a Master’s degree in Physics from the University of Tartu, worked at Tallink Group from 2005 to 2024, where she has held a number of senior positions, such as Head of the Swedish office of Tallink and Silja Line, where she led the merger of Tallink Sverige AB and Silja Line AB and the opening of the Stockholm – Riga route. 

From 2006 until March 2024, Kadri Land was a member of the Board of Directors of Tallink.

In addition to Mr O`Brock, Camiel Eurlings’ mandate as a member of the Nordica Board ended. Kaupo Raag and Sander Salmu will continue as board members.