The leading capacity provider airline in Europe


Our mission is to link people and regions through efficient and sustainable flights.

We wish to be your strategic partner in Europe. Meaning, we fly for you. We are not only a service provider – we are part of your entire production system.

Built for the new age of commercial aviation and becoming an integral part of the client’s mission. We don’t just operate for you– we keep our promises, we deliver your brand. We are real-life stage performers with a passion for flying.



We are an Invisible Brand

Our brand is invisible to your passengers, we proudly take your face and deliver your brand like actors do. Over 400 highly skilled and immensely passionate crews can add value to your business, while passengers do not feel a difference. With the can-do attitude in our organization – anything is possible!

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Xfly is a daughter company of Nordic Aviation Group

Xfly was established in 2015 and we started our operations in the beginning of 2016. We are a daughter company of Nordic Aviation Group which is owned 100% by the Government of the Republic of Estonia. Xfly is an independent service provider specialized on regional operations working both on a short and long-term basis with European commercial airlines all over the continent. We are efficient, extremely flexible and easy to cooperate with.


Xfly Milestones through the years

  • Company registration

  • Fleet: 0

  • No. of flights: 0

  • First CRJ operation for Nordica

  • ERA membership

  • First IOSA

  • ATO Certified

  • No. of flights: 7280

  • Fleet: 6 CRJ

  • First LOT operation

  • Delivery of first ATR 72-600

  • First SAS operation

  • Fleet: 11 CRJ and 7 ATR

  • No. of flights: 20 900

  • PSO won in Sweden

  • IOSA audit renewal

  • P145 certified

  • Fleet: 12 CRJ and 6 ATR

  • No. of flights: 35 200

  • First Air Serbia operation

  • SAS Sweden

  • Xfly Flight School established

  • Fleet: 13 CRJ and 8 ATR

  • No. of flights: 35 845

  • Brand name Xfly adopted

  • New hangar

  • IOSA audit renewal

  • LOT separation

  • TOP 10 Exporter in Estonia

  • Xfly CEO – President of ERAA

  • Fleet: 14 CRJ and 9 ATR

  • No. of flights: 12 750


Our Values


We are agile, always ready to change and maintain effectiveness in a changing environment. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to develop our people and services to exceed expectations. Change is a part of our growth and we embrace it with an open mindset.


We trust each other and we take responsibility for our actions. We believe that trust is built on openness, clarity and honesty. We are committed to sustaining an encouraging, open, caring and supportive environment to reach your greatest potential at Xfly.


We are solution-oriented. Enthusiasm, teamwork and a positive attitude are supporting our way of getting things done. Instead of seeing challenges, we see possibilities.

We are family

Xfly is our second home and we are proud to belong here. We nurture meaningful human relationships and we grow together as human beings and professionals. We take care of each other and celebrate our success together. Fun and laughter are part of our team spirit and we are always eager to give positive feedback. We care passionately about our job, colleagues and clients.


We care about the Environment

Our CEO Mr. Jan Palmer is also the President of ERA (European Regions Airlines Association) and ERA together with all other aviation associations have released a commitment to meet the EU target of a carbon neutral aviation by 2050. This means that we as a production airline to Major Airlines take the environmental sustainability responsibility extremely seriously. All of your commitments are of utmost priority for us. Aviation and Environment are and will be the biggest challenges ever for the aviation industry and Xfly is committed to living up to our promises.


Our Management

Jan Palmér


Patrick Fennell


Anton Õnnik


Bartosz Motyka – Radlowski


Kätlin Kiudsoo


Britt Eklund – Itäinen

HR Director

Toomas Uibo

Head of Marketing & Communication

Supervisory Board members: Erki Urva (chairman), Taivo Linnamägi, David O’Brock and Priit Karjus.

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