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Our mission is to link people and regions through efficient and sustainable flights.

We want to be your strategic partner in Europe: we fly for you. We are not only a service provider, but part of your production system as a whole.

Built for the new age of commercial aviation and serving as an integral part of the client’s mission, we don’t just operate for you – we keep our promises and deliver your brand. We are real-life performers with a passion for flying.

Xfly - Who are we?


We are an invisible brand

Our brand is invisible to your passengers – we proudly adopt your face and deliver your brand just like actors do. Over 600 highly skilled and passionate crews can add value to your business without passengers noticing any difference. With the can-do attitude of our organization, anything is possible!

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Xfly is a subsidiary of the Nordic Aviation Group

Xfly was established in 2015 and launched operations in early 2016. We are a subsidiary of the Nordic Aviation Group, which is 100% owned by the Estonian state. Xfly is an independent service provider specializing in regional operations and working on both a short- and long-term basis with commercial European airlines all over the continent. We are efficient, flexible and easy to work with.


Xfly milestones through the years

  • A320 charter agreements in Vietnam and in Corsica

  • Kadri Land started as a new Chairwoman of the Supervisory Council

  • New charter agreement for A320 in Cyprus

  • A long-term contract with SAS for 10 CRJ900 aircraft

  • Sander Salmu joined the Supervisory Council from June 2, 2023

  • Remco Althuis was appointed as the CEO and member of the Management Board of the Group

  • The shareholder announced the start of accelerated privatization process of the Group

  • Gabriel Rusu was appointed as the CFO and member of the Management Board of the Group

  • Tony Mackenzie was appointed as the COO and member of the Management Board of the Group

  • Group’s decision of entering to narrow-body market

  • Jan Palmer becomes also a chairman of the board of the parent company Nordica

  • Xfly and Nordica under one management

  • The group is introducing its first A320

  • First charter agreement for A320

  • Group’s decision to lease 3 A320neo for German market

  • 6 MEUR capital injection from NAG to cover COVID damages

  • Production ramp-up starts

  • MPL Training program kick-off

  • Xfly adds more units to the fleet

  • Brand name Xfly adopted

  • All operations ceased for 2 weeks due to COVID-19

  • New hangar

  • IOSA audit renewal

  • LOT separation

  • TOP 10 Exporter in Estonia

  • Xfly CEO – President of ERAA

  • Fleet: 14 CRJ and 9 ATR

  • No. of flights: 12 750

  • First Air Serbia operation

  • SAS Sweden

  • Xfly Flight School established

  • Fleet: 13 CRJ and 8 ATR

  • No. of flights: 35 845

  • PSO won in Sweden

  • IOSA audit renewal

  • P145 certified

  • Fleet: 12 CRJ and 6 ATR

  • No. of flights: 35 200

  • First LOT operation

  • Delivery of first ATR 72-600

  • First SAS operation

  • Fleet: 11 CRJ and 7 ATR

  • No. of flights: 20 900

  • First CRJ operation for Nordica

  • ERA membership

  • First IOSA

  • ATO Certified

  • No. of flights: 7280

  • Fleet: 6 CRJ

  • Company registration

  • Fleet: 0

  • No. of flights: 0


Our values


We adapt to changes with open mindset


We trust and respect each other

Can-do attitude

We see possibilities in challenges 

We are one team

We support each other and celebrate success together


We love doing our part

Xfly is committed to more sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. As the aviation sector is rapidly shifting towards fewer emissions and becoming carbon neutral by the year 2050, Xfly is addressing this and taking action to live up to those promises. As a capacity provider for major airlines, we are flexible and happy to meet any additional environmental criteria set by our partners. For us, sustainability is supported by three major pillars: Environmental, Social and Economic.


Management Board

Gabriel Rusu

Chief Financial Officer, Member of the Board

Remco Althuis, CEO Xfly and Nordica

Remco Althuis

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board

Tony Mackenzie

Chief Operating Officer

Management Team

Peeter Soasepp

Technical Director

Jurgis Sedlenieks

Chief Commercial Officer

Annika Talve

Head of Legal

Inese Sitko-Bulle

Head of Human Resources

Supervisory Council

Koit Kaskel

Member of the Council

Kadri Land

Chairwoman of the Supervisory Council

Kaupo Raag

Member of the Council

Sander Salmu

Sander Salmu

Member of Council

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