Moonika Oras on 2022-02-21

Meet the Wings of Xfly! Our Crew Controller Aleksei Esholts shares his life-long passion for aviation and his journey on joining the Xfly family.

How did you become a Crew Controller in Xfly? Why do you like aviation?

Ever since I was a little kid, I´ve always been fascinated by aviation. I knew that I would be working in aviation sooner or later. I started my career in Tallinn airport, and after 2,5 exciting years as a Baggage Service Agent, I wanted to develop my skills further and learn something new. My acquaintance pointed out that Xfly was looking for a Crew Controller, and I decided to learn more about this job opportunity.

What does it take to become a Crew Controller?

In my experience, the most valuable skill that you must have to succeed as a Crew Controller is being an excellent communicator. You are constantly in touch with crew members to cover all flights. Although it might seem an easy job, it can be challenging. Sometimes I wonder to myself that probably I know more about the life of our crew members than about my grandparents 😊 On my first day at work, I thought that I would never succeed in this job. The program that we are using seemed so complex. Luckily that did change quickly, in a few days I realized that it was not that difficult. After two months of training, I was ready to work independently. Now that I have done it for six months, I am confident in my role. 💡 How would you describe your team? It feels great to have a job that I love and be surrounded by kind, fun, and supportive people. My team and working environment are so enjoyable. Sometimes I don´t even notice that the day is about to end. Time flies when at work.

Any hobbies?

I love traveling and discovering new countries. Some of the most memorable places I have visited are Vietnam, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, and San Marino. Barcelona has a special place in my heart, and my next trip will be to New York. I used to travel a lot before, but after joining Xfly, my travel adventures have dramatically increased. I must admit that the possibility to discover the world with attractive staff travel rates plays a huge role in it.

Favorite motto to live by

To most people
The sky is limit
To those who love aviation
Sky is home

Would you like to work with Aleksei? Join our Flight Operations department and become a Crew Controller! Find out more here and apply today!