By airi on 2023-08-15

The environment counts. Nordica and XFly have hired a sustainability manager to drive better performance

Nataly Dubbelman, will take charge of the group’s ESG policies and implementation as the Sustainability Manager of the group. The team lead, with a background from the green-tech start-up world, gained her considerable experience and know-how in a start-up called Single.Earth, as well as an impressive team-lead portfolio from the tourism sector to support the strategic operation of the airline.

“We are delighted to welcome Nataly Dubbelman as the Sustainability Manager for Nordica and Xfly. With her proven expertise, Nataly’s leadership will elevate our commitment to sustainability and our mission for a greener aviation industry. We seek to prioritize responsible growth and environmentally conscious strategies in the strategic planning of our airline’s operations,” Remco Athuis, the CEO of the group noted.

“We are happy Nataly has agreed to bring her talent to our company. Her contribution will further support the sustainable growth of Xfly and Nordica,” Airi Kaunissaare, the Head of Marketing Communications, added.

 “Nordic Aviation Group has already successfully initiated several measures and projects to address sustainability concerns, and I am excited to join its team of aviation professionals in further embedding this thinking into every area of the group’s strategy and operations,” Ms Dubbelman said. “The future of aviation is about using cleaner fuels, advanced technology, newer aircraft, and smarter flight paths. I believe sustainability is a way of doing business and employees are vital stakeholders in driving sustainability within an organization.”

She underlined that people are the focal part of every process around sustainability in an organization, noting:  “Sustainability is important for all companies, not only for an airline. Companies are gradually moving from a reactive and a communications-oriented approach to a plurality of proactive, holistic approaches that aim to create sustainable value and positive impact for people, customers, business, and society at large.”

“Advancements are being made in aircraft design and sustainable fuel production, automation and digitalization processes are ongoing. Additionally, airports are adopting renewable energy sources, implementing waste management strategies, and exploring eco-friendly ground transportation options, making aviation more sustainable,” she said. “Sustainability can also be seen as a process of innovation.“

Nordica and Xfly are committed to ensuring compliance with all aviation regulations and ESG-related policies and to prioritizing sustainable growth and development above all, with a focus on the well-being of its employees and environmentally sound implementation of its business processes. As a responsible and sustainability-conscious airline, the group takes steps to help its B2B customers operate in a sustainable manner. 

Nordic Aviation Group AS, is a Capacity Provider Airline (CPA) group owned 100% by the Republic of Estonia. Headquartered in Tallinn, the group has its operational bases in Tallinn, Vilnius, Stockholm, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Turku, Lisbon, Larnaca, Munich and Hamburg. The group was recently appointed a new CEO Remco Althuis, under whose lead the arilines will undergo a turn-around process of the business. The group operates flights under two brands, two IOSA-certified AOC’s – XFLY operating nine ATR72-600 and nine CRJ900, and NORDICA operating four A320, with the capability to meet capacity requirements from 70 to 180 seats. The group is a caring employer to over 700 experienced employees of more than 30 nationalities across Europe. Xfly and Nordica operate within the framework of long-term ACMI partnership with SAS, TAP and MARABU and for the summer 2023 with Cyprus Airways.