By liina.lelmi on 2023-07-28

Xfly participates in the Estonian Aviation Days 2023

(as of 19.06.2023)

The annual Estonian Aviation Days has grown into the biggest aviation event in the Baltics. From young dreamers to senior experts, the event was all about passion for flying and bringing people together. It is a platform where aviation fans get a chance to talk to real pilots and aviation professionals. Whether it was seeking employment opportunities in the industry or simply reveling in the air shows performed by international pilots, attendees were happy throughout and had a chance to have a chat with the Xfly representatives.

The presence of Xfly team contributed to the experience for thousands of attendees together with the other bit aviation industry people. Our team actively participated in the event, showcasing their offerings within the exhibition area. We distributed branded aviation-related souvenirs popular with visitors, conducted interviews for potential job seekers, and provided insights into the life within an airline.

Estonian Aviation Days 2023 is an event that provides an opportunity to explore military and civil aircraft, engines, helicopters, amphibious assault ships, aviation techniques and witness a rich air show. With a superb location in the midst of the wild nature at the Eesti Lennundusmuuseum , the aviation event proved to be a success for both, the organizer and its participants alike.

For industry professionals, Estonian Aviaton Days 2023 serves as a chance for organizing meaningful meet-ups and taking part in industry small-talk for aviation professionals and enthusiasts, talk to pilots and other industry professionals, recruit and represent the sector to aviation fans. It is a platform fosters recruitment opportunities while effectively representing and promoting the aviation sector as an employer.

This mission-driven museum, dedicated to disseminating aviation-based knowledge has a lot to offer to visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

Moreover, the unforgettable airshow left a lasting impression on all those who attended.

See you in the Estonian Aviation Days 2024!