Moonika Oras on 2021-11-25

The secret of successful airlines

One of the Xfly values is adaptability. This means that we are agile, always ready to change and maintain effectiveness in a changing environment. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to develop our people and services to exceed expectations.That is why you might notice occasionally our Head of Cabin Services Andrew Judge as an active crew member on board.

Here´s how Andrew sees it,

“I believe that the most successful airlines are those in which management stays as close to the aircraft as possible. It is easy to sit behind a screen and think you understand how an operation works, but an airline is about people, and to truly understand an airline, you need to be in touch with your people who are the essence of an airline.

I ‘grew up’ so to speak, in an airline where everyone from management to the office manager would fly from time to time, and it was that business decision that helped promote such a strong and supportive company culture. It was the backbone of the ‘can-do attitude’ of the airline.

I am very proud of Xfly and the challenges we have come through. I believe, particularly in the Cabin Services department, we can achieve so much more when we stay as connected to our team as we possibly can, which is through line flying. 

Ultimately, our mission is to support our team of Cabin Crew to enable them to do the job to the best of their ability. That would not be possible unless everyone in our department fully understands the role and has regular exposure to flying.

As time goes by, a huge part of my inspiration still comes from working with the crew and connecting with passengers. Everyone goes through phases in aviation. I have learned over my years of flying that the contact and interactions I have with others keep me motivated. It doesn’t take much to make a difference, it is our job to understand the individual needs of passengers, but most importantly, the needs of our Xfly crew.”