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We offer unique ACMI solutions for your airline


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Long-term capacity provider services

Our business is not just about selling tickets. We focus on what we do best – namely, operating your regional flights efficiently, which benefits us all. Outsourcing your regional operations to us means you have a partner specialized in meeting your needs in a very cost-effective way. On top of that, we can be extremely flexible in creating bases wherever you require them, eliminating expensive overnight crew costs. Our business model has been designed to provide you with maximum flexibility, and we have extensive experience in delivering customers’ brands.


Regular ACMI services

We always have capacity available to us to help airlines around the world with our ad-hoc ACMI services. We are an extremely flexible airline and have amazing crews and maintenance teams available to us to solve any problem and meet any need you might have. Our track record is extensive and we are happy to share it with you upon request.


Charter flights

Together with our parent company Nordica we operate charter flights from Scandinavia and Estonia. We’ll turn your travel dreams into reality and look forward to welcoming you and your guests on board!


Line maintenance services

The Xfly Maintenance Organisation offers its services to the Xfly fleet at various line maintenance stations. In addition to supporting our own CPA business and ACMI projects, we have a highly qualified line maintenance team who are happy to support you whenever you need them.

The Xfly Maintenance Organisation holds an EASA Part-145 certificate (EE.145.0119) and is approved to perform line maintenance services on CRJ 700/900 and ATR 42-400/500/72-212A aircraft.


Public Service Obligation (PSO) – a solution for countries and communities to create better air connectivity

Despite the intra-European network being reasonably well developed, there are still a lot of regions around Europe with poor air connectivity or no connectivity at all. As such, many local governments are seeking ways to boost the local economy and tourism through PSO Traffic. Here at Xfly, in cooperation with Nordica, we have a good deal of experience in operating PSOs and similarly designed traffic models. We have the capability to offer the right-sized aircraft to meet your needs and we have the commercial platform (Amadeus) to create the best possible commercial set-up you can think of.

For further information please contact:

Martin Kaerlepp
Industry Travel Director / PSO Coordinator
martin.kaerlepp@nordica.ee / +372 5810 0867


Become a pilot or flight attendant

The Xfly Flight School, in cooperation with its partners, offers you the chance to fulfil your dreams. A pilot or flight attendant’s career with a guaranteed job has never been more available than it is today!


Consultancy services

If you are looking to launch a new virtual airline or establish a completely new airline so as to create better connectivity, we have extensive know-how and experience with which to support you.

The same applies to assessments in order to change aircraft type, business concept or other airline matters for which you need advice or a second opinion.